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19801 West Hunter Road, Beallsville, MD 20839 | 301-349-5176

Please do not rest on or touch any tilting grave markers or monuments. Over time, they have begun to lean and can topple which could cause severe injury or death.

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Saturday, Dec. 14, 2024

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The Countdown has begun!  In July of 2023, the America250 organization officially launched a multi-year effort to commemorate America’s 250th anniversary — the Semiquincentennial!  America250 is an organization whose Mission is “To commemorate our 250th anniversary with inclusive programs that inspire Americans to renew and strengthen our daring experiment in democracy.”

For those of us who love our historic Monocacy Cemetery, the Semiquincentennial provides a very special opportunity to honor the 8 Revolutionary War Patriots laid to rest or honored within our grounds.  The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR / NSDAR) approached our Cemetery’s Board about installing a plaque honoring our Revolutionary Patriots and the Board was enthusiastically in favor of the gift.  The Goshen Mills Chapter, NSDAR, based in Gaithersburg, volunteered to spearhead the project to raise funds, install the plaque, and plan a dedication event… and they need YOUR help.

Please visit Goshen Mills Chapter, NSDAR’s GoFundMe page if you are interested in contributing to this unique and historic installation.


The Monocacy Cemetery is located in the rural crossroads community of Beallsville in western Montgomery County, Maryland. The site is associated with Montgomery County’s early religious history, Civil War activity in the area, and the commemoration of the Civil War. The cemetery reflects a broad spectrum of American funerary customs, with a wide variety of grave styles; from the simple graves of Revolutionary War patriots to the ornate burial plots of the Victorian era to the standardized markers of the twentieth century. The overall design of the cemetery reflects a transition from a small church burial ground, to a picturesque landscape influenced by the “rural” cemetery movement, to an early twentieth-century perpetual care lawn cemetery. The thirteen-acre cemetery continues to be used as an active burial ground.

Our Vision & Mission

The Monocacy Cemetery Company strives to provide a peaceful environment in which persons may grieve and reflect upon their departed loved ones, as well as a staff that provides high-quality cemetery services.

Since 2006, Monocacy Cemetery has been meticulously researched and documented, providing fully-digitized burial records, complete photographic resources for every burial location, entire family trees for each person buried, and a gallery of over 3,500 portraits of those buried here.

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On November 5, 2016, we dedicated a Veterans Memorial to honor all of our service members buried throughout Monocacy Cemetery.

We have been kindly gifted with a sculpture by a local artist, Brendan O’Neill, who created the piece for his father-in-law who was once buried at Monocacy Cemetery. (He was relocated to another cemetery that didn’t allow standing grave markers). Mr. O’Neill was asked if his sculpture could be repurposed as a veteran memorial and he accepted our request.

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“Within its gates I heard the sound
Of winds in cypress caverns caught
Of huddling trees that moaned, and sought
To whisper what their roots had found.”

– George Sterling
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